Play the new Wine Tasting Game WINeGO!

How WINeGO works:

* During your tasting adventure, see how many words you hear from winery staff and mark the squares off, like Bingo.


* First person to get WINeGO wins!  

   When you get WINeGO, bring your winning card to Sapphire         Hill for 30% off the retail value of your wine purchase.


   Bonus:  If you post a winning WINeGO video or photo to the        Sapphire Hill Winery Facebook page or tweet us with                      #Sapphire_Hill; bring in  your card and get 50% off the retail

    value of one bottle of wine.


* Feel free to add your own twist to the game.

* Have fun, taste responsibly and always have a designated driver.



We have 10 WINeGO Cards - Take your pick!

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